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    Pretty Sheepy was created in 2015 out of a love for planning and an entrepreneurial spirit. Coming up with the name was son was a toddler and had a sheep stuffed animal named Sheepy. One day, Sheepy was dirty, so we put him in the washer/dryer while my son was taking a nap. Well, of course, he woke up too soon and was devastated that Sheepy was being tortured in that horrible dryer machine! When Sheepy was done, my son pulled him out the dryer, expecting the worst, but was pleasantly surprised at Sheepy's new fluffed, white fur. He kept saying "Pretty Sheepy" over and over. He was so happy with his newly glowed-up Pretty Sheepy. That day, I named Pretty Sheepy in the hopes that I could create that kind of happiness for you with my products.

    We started with one Silhouette machine and grew to 10, all of them stacked up in our dining room. It was quite the conversation starter when guests visited! :)

    Thank you for being here and for your support. Our little family appreciates the 9+ years you've helped us bring magic to you!


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