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    Blog — Ratatouille

    Anyone Can Cook! Ratatouille Planner Inspiration

    Ok, so that title may be a bit misleading, because I kinda stink at at cooking. Just ask my kids. But my cooking mishaps have led to them getting McDonald's, so you definitely won't hear them complaining about it.

    My husband is the chef of our family and he recently made us a delicious ratatouille!

    As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to move a Ratatouille planner sticker kit up on my remake list! It was so pretty and definitely inspired me when making the stickers for our Anyone Can Cook collection!

    For example, the thin slices of veggies were the inspiration for the washi strips!

    The colors are inspired by the vibrant colors of tomatoes, zucchini, and squash.

    The kit has lots of decorative stickers, including full boxes and a sheet of characters, as well as lots of colorful functional planner stickers. I also added some Mouse Numbers in a matching color as the Date Covers.

    Of course, this kit is inspired by Ratatouille the movie, but I could get used to creating stickers inspired by food so my husband can cook more delicious treats for me!

    He tends to make up recipes, but even he took some inspiration from this recipe.

    Have you ever eaten ratatouille? Did you make it or get it from a restaurant? Leave a comment letting me know!


    Stickers used in this post:

    Anyone Can Cook Planner Stickers Collection


    Mouse Numbers 4 (I used as Date Covers, but can be used as a countdown too!)


    I'm going to add some images for Pinterest below. Please feel free to save them to your Pinterest boards!